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Host: Can you please briefly introduce yourself and the PAPARAZZI Platform Project?

PAZZI_CEO: Paparazzi is a photo-centric blockchain-based platform to provide a seamless process of capturing, sharing, and trading a graphic memory.
Within seconds, people can capture the moment they are in and share it with friends and families across the borders. These personal moments are not limited to an individual entity. For instance, travel guides, photographs, and artworks are all commercial merchandise.

Question 1: @cailozcatkhong(user)
What is the main work of Blockchain technology in Financial services which is provided by PAPARAZZI? What role Blockchain plays in PAPARAZZI services?

PAZZI_CEO: Paparazzi is providing different commercial services and options for the users. However, as a blockchain-based photo-centric platform, financial services are not our main focus. Blockchain is implemented within the ecosystem to protect each content creator’s photo assets and commercial rights.

Question 2: @BlancaSdF(user)
Instagram is one of the most used platforms and Paparazzi has similar features. What would be the incentives for which Instagram users should consider migrating to Paparazzi?

PAZZI_CEO:There are no monetary benefits nor incentives for users on Instagram to remain on the platform. Instead, Paparazzi focuses on providing a seamless experience and transition from existing social media while implementing token-based services for additional revenue streams. Therefore, we are decentralizing the content sharing industry and particularly the photo-sharing sector.

Question 3: @mapivr(user)
I am newbie in crypto and blockchain so how will the Paparazzi team target and educate people who don’t know about blockchain and crypto?

PAZZI_CEO: Providing an informative website is important for the users. However, the application and service itself should not emphasize blockchain nor cryptocurrency. Often there is a misconception that blockchain-based services and applications do not provide the quality of service that is suitable for the mass. However, Paparazzi application is designed for the users and people.

Question 4: @QuyenCao93(user)
Most investors only care about short-term benefits of the project. How can Paparazzi convince investors to invest long-term in your project?

PAZZI_CEO: Providing intrinsic value and expanding the token use case is important. Any investor, regardless of the time period, will only hold or trade Pazzi tokens if there is fundamental value for the token.

Question 5: @anhcza(user)

What are the main roles of Paparazzi tokens? Can you explain in detail about Project’s Work and Mission with work of Token in the Entire ecosystem?

PAZZI_CEO: Pazzi token powers all economic transactions within the ecosystem. Not only is PAZZI used for P2P payments but also purchasing trading rights and exchanging mileage.

Question 6: @cailozcatkhong(user)

Why did PAZZI choose to list on KUCOIN? Do you plan to list on other good exchanges in 2020?

PAZZI_CEO: The project management team values user experience and engagement as top priority. Not only does our service prioritize user interface and user experience, but also our tokens are listed on the world’s top crypto exchanges. We have just recently listed on MXC Exchange as well.

Question 7: @phillicrohit1(user)

About the Competitors. Every project has its own position in the market, how does PAZZI plan to stay competitive compared to other projects?

PAZZI_CEO: By consistently providing updates and services that are user-centric, Paparazzi team plans to stay competitive in the market. One of blockchain technologies benefits is the flexibility to provide a variety of services for the users while maintaining a consistent ecological system.

Question 8: @fuzitora(user)

Can customers get support by Paparazzi without delivering sensitive personal information? What information do you save on the system? Is it necessary to present the information? How does the system protect users from risks?

PAZZI_CEO: Paparazzi is not focused on collecting user data. Also as a blockchain-based application, we are focused on encrypting and protecting user data on the blockchain. Only when a user sign ups, the system automatically allocates the user with an IPFS directory.

Question 9:@eylem201(user)

In the bad situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, every industry was heavily affected.
Does it affect the growth of PAPARAZZI? What are your plans to turn challenges into opportunities for #PAZZI DEVELOPMENT

PAZZI_CEO: While we hope that the COVID-19 situation ends as soon as possible, the Paparazzi team will not be affected in terms of the development. Rather, COVID-19 situation is requiring changes in the way users earn and spend. As a blockchain-based online platform that decentralizes the economic ecosystem based on pictures, we hope to acquire more users.

Question 10: @cailozcatkhong(user)

What is Pazzi’s development roadmap for 2020?

PAZZI_CEO: We are projecting for a closed beta in early September with all of our blockchain-based services implemented onto the mobile application. Later between the end of September and early October, we are planning to begin an open beta for the public.

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