After 1 year of establishment, CryptoVN is looking for potential projects to invest in and provide active support to achieve maximum exposure in the Vietnamese market.

Benefit the economy by investing in technologically disruptive blockchain projects to provide the world with quality products.

Timely provision of capital and human resources for cryptocurrency projects and development strategies.



"10+ employees with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry."

Peter Anh

Founder and CEO CryptoVN

Peter Anh founded Crypto Ventures in 2020. He has been in crypto since 2017 and has helped many projects raise funds for their ICO/IEO/IDO. Besides, he helps projects to develop the Vietnamese community and connect with KOLs, VCs.

Tuna Duong

Co-Founder and CMO CryptoVN

Tuna Duong has been working in the Crypto industry for nearly 5 years, of which the last 3 years he worked as a Project and Marketing Manager.

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